Blind Conscience

The Book


Winner National Human Rights Award for Best Non-Fiction

Shortlisted John Button Literary Prize

Children in detention, asylum seekers, Tampa, the Pacific Solution, mandatory detention, hunger strikes at Woomera, were all frequent headlines during the eleven years of the Howard government. What was going on behind the headlines? Blind Conscience is the first book to tell the inside story of a shameful period in our very recent history.

This profoundly moving book reveals the untold story of the people who struggled to get asylum seekers out of detention and change government policy. Lateline, and Walkley award-winning, journalist Margot O’Neill, who covered many of these stories while they were happening, paints a compelling and heartbreaking picture through an extraordinary cast of characters. Some, like Petro Georgiou, Julian Burnside and Phillip Ruddock, are very well-known. Others are not famous but simply felt compelled to follow their consciences and act to help desperate people in desperate situations, often to the detriment of their personal well-being.

Inspiring and disturbing in equal measure, as well as an extraordinary narrative, Blind Conscience will prompt a sharp intake of breath across Australia.

Blind Conscience