Blind Conscience

The Book


Dark times, by Susan Varga, Griffith REVIEW Edition 24

Blind Conscience is about vigilance, rejection of a popular, politically engineered exercise in unknowing... ABR, March 2009

"The dust may have settled over the whole sorry affair but reading Blind Conscience is both enlightening and maddening."
The Age, 28 February 2009

"This powerful and provocative book is not a simple retelling of the history of the asylum seekers during the Hawke, Keating and Howard years..."
Bruce Elder, SMH, 01 February 2009

"... Margot O'Neill's marvellous book 'Blind Conscience'..."
Richard Ackland, Sydney Morning Herald, 28 Nov. 2008

"..This powerfully absorbing book ... not to be missed."
Abbeys bookstores November/December 2008

Blind Conscience